Berufsbildungsschule Winterthur

The origins of the Winterthur BBW vocational training school go back to 1836. The "trade school" opened at that time was intended for both young people who had been dismissed from the "boys' school" and were doing an apprenticeship, and for tradespeople who wanted to continue their education.

Today at the BBW, basic vocational training is taught to learners from over forty professions in the specialist area, in general subjects and in sport.

The vocational school leads learners of various professions part-time and as a full-time course to the technical or health-social-related vocational school.

The Higher Technical College in Winterthur offers part-time training to become a qualified technician. As part of further training, job-related courses and courses in tertiary education as well as IT and BMS preparation courses are offered.

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