Jimma University

Jimma University was founded on the amalgamation of the the Jimma Institute of Health Science and the Jimma College of Agriculture in the 1980’s. Both institutions had been national leaders in their respective fields, and with the merger, the development of a new, multifaceted and development oriented institution was able to emerge from the two former specialty institutions. Throughout the 1990’s Ethiopia as a nation was determined to overcome the significant development challenges facing the country. Such challenges were found in all sectors of society and in all regions. Given this reality, new institutions needed to be developed in a manner that would be conducive to the development of the nation. A well- conceived and applicable higher education institutional development scheme was necessary for the broader development of the country. Numerous new higher education institutions were founded all over the country while existing institutions were strengthened and expanded upon.  No institution of higher education in the country represents this expansion and strengthening of programs more than Jimma University.

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