Integrated MITSUBISHI RV-2FR-D Robot Training Station




• AA200.001.02 WorkstationMR (800 x 800 x750) with Modular Supply Panel

•  MITSUBISHI RV-2FR-D-S25 6 axis; ±0,02mm; 2kg; 504mm; IP30; controller CR800;

    PN IO interface; Robot Teaching Box;                     

• SIEMENS CPU 1215C//switch XB005//PS 24V/3A;

. AA026.001.03 HMI KTP700 TRAINING CASE with Flexible Support

• AA096.001.04 Double Gripper  E-PNEUM& VACUUM (SMC)

 .                          Compact Storage Unit and Compact Unloading Unit ( inside robot cell)

• AA096.002.01 CAGE (safety for ROBOT) 

• AA094.100.06 Conveyor Belt with Sinamics Servo  &  RFID- SIEMENS RF200

• AA045.000.01 SINAMICS V90 Panel

• AA095.000.05 Compact Pneumatic INDEX UNIT (on conveyor belt)                  

• AA059.000.06 Air Supply Filter Regulator with pressure swich

• AA059.000.09 Air Compressor Supersilent  SAGER

• AA095.100.01 3D Printed Assembly Line Set (10 sets)


SIZE (Base/ H): 750 x 1000 mm / 1800 mm NET WEIGHT: 65.50 kg

THE PACKAGE ALSO INCLUDES: Power cable, Ethernet cable, User manual 

RECOMMENDED: LICENSE Programming software

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