Motion Control SINAMICS S210 Training System





• SINAMICS  INVERTER Input voltage: 1AC 200-240 V -10%/+10%, 5.0 A, 45-66 HZ Out: 0-240 V, 2.4 A, 0-550 Hz, 0.4kW IP20, 55 x 170 x 170 (WxHxD)
• SIMOTICS S,  IP64, M0=1.27 Nm, PN=0.4kW; at NN=3000 rpm AH30 without brake, with parallel key with multiturn absolute encoder; Single-cable solution prefabricated MC 500 4G0.38+2x0.38+4x0.2 C, M12; Wires with wire end ferrule IX connector, length 3 m


• CPU 1511T-1 PN: Work memory 225 KB for program and 1 MB for data, 1st interface: PROFINET IRT with 2-port switch

• Digital input module SM521 DI 16xDC 24V HF, 16 channels in groups of 16

• Digital output module SM522 DQ16x24 V DC/0.5 A HF; 16 channels in groups of 8

• Analog input module SM531 AI 4xU/I/RTD/TC ST, 16 bit resolution, Accuracy 0.3%, 4 channels

The panel includes:
- 2 potentiometers for simulating the analog channel inputs in the range 0V DC...+10V DC

- 16 switches (retentive and pulse) for DI simulation and 16 x 4mm safety sockets for external DI

- 16 x 4mm safety sockets and status LEDs for DO

- 1x ESD button

- 2x switch for I/O selection

- Power supply socket with general switch and LED indicator       

SIZE (W x H x D): 440 x 440 x 260 mm.

Net Weight: 14.50 Kg

THE PACKAGE ALSO INCLUDES: Power cable, Ethernet cable, User manual
RECOMMENDED: Safety connection cables 4 mm

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