Over 30 years of experience

in industrial automation

About us

ASTI Automation, company founded in 2002, is one of the youngest members of ASTI group. Since 1990, when the first ASTI company was established, ASTI has been a constant promoter of the most advanced automation systems in Romania.

Currently, the company is acting in industrial automation field, participating in projects in sectors such as oil and gas, automotive, food industry, chemical industry, urban utilities.

The advanced solutions employed by the ASTI team of professionals relay on the latest generation of industrial software, like: WinCC, STEP7, WinCC flexible.. We offer our customers complete solutions for complex projects in the field of industrial process control

Since 2007, the business of the company has been extended through active involvement in increasing the quality of technical education in college and university. The company develops didactic equipment related to approved programs of study, taking into account the current technological level encountered in main industry sectors. The portfolio includes didactic equipment for specific technical fields, integrated laboratories mainly for technical universities as well as for companies acting in the industry, training sessions for students or postgraduate courses for professionals in the industry.

Our fields of expertise

Industrial Automation
Consulting, design and implementation of advanced industrial control systems.
Didactic Solutions
Integrated platforms, turnkey laboratories and courses for technical education.
Applied Research and Software Development
Automation and industrial informatics.

Area of competences

  • Sequential Control Systems and Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Industrial Network Communication
  • Safety
  • Electrical Installations
  • Electrical and Electronic Drives of the Electric Motor
  • Pneumatics
  • Robot Cells - Smart Manufacturing
  • Advanced Motion Control
  • Data Acquisition. Processing and Monitoring
  • Process Control
  • Industrial Process Simulation
  • Industrial Demo Cases
  • Training Courses - Practical Engineering