I/O Training Panel




• SIEMENS contactors (3 KW/400 V AC, 1 NO, AC 230 V, 50/60 HZ)
• SIEMENS emergency STOP mushroom pushbutton
• SIEMENS pushbuttons with flat button with holder (blue/black/white)
• SIEMENS indicator light with smooth lense illuminated with integrated led
• SIEMENS selector switches latching 3 switch positions with holder black
• SIEMENS actuator/indicator component contact blocks 1NO
• SIEMENS actuator/indicator component contact blocks 1NO+1NC
• Inductive sensor

• Capacitive sensor
• Temperature transmitter Pt100

The panel includes:

- Sockets for electrical connections

SIZE (W x H x D): 532 x 297 x 135 mm.

Net Weight: 3.75 kg

THE PACKAGE ALSO INCLUDES: Power cable, User manual
RECOMMENDED: Safety connection cables 4 mm

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