SENTRON PAC3220 ENERGY Measurement Training Panel




• SIEMENS SENTRON PAC3220 MEASURING INSTRUMENT: full graphic LCD display; serial interface, Modbus RTU/TCP protocol       

• PHOENIX CURRENT TRANSFORMERS: 60 A AC primary current; 5 A AC secondary current; 1.25 VA rated power

The panel includes:

    • 1 x circuit breaker 3-pole

    • 3 x current transformers

    • 4mm safety sockets for external connection                

    • RS485 (MODBUS RTU) serial interface socket

    • Ethernet socket

SIZE (W x H x D): 532 x 297 x 170 mm NET WEIGHT: 3.50 kg 

THE PACKAGE ALSO INCLUDES: Ethernet cable, User manual

RECOMMENDED: Safety connection cables 4mm, RS485 (MODBUS RTU) cable

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