Date start: Dec 2023
Date end: May 2024
Project partners: A Arti Muhendislik (TR) and Asti Automation (RO)
Project budget: 35000 EUR

Aim of the project is developing and implementing a resource efficient model for ASTI Automation to increase sustainability of the company and add value to company's competitiveness by decreasing production prices through resources efficiency including energy and manufacturing processes optimization by also up-skilling staff. IT solutions as per monitoring, analysing and sustaining the system and ISO certification for verification and continuous improvement purposes are also planned as measures.


  • Technical Analysis & Lean Manufacturing Trainings (On-site Traning at Model Factory in Mersin, Turkey)
  • Manufacturing Process Optimization Implementation according to Lean Manufacturing Principles
  • Energy Management Systems Trainings
  • ISO50001 Implementation within the Facility
  • RECP Model Consultancy&Intel 50001 Integration Technical Analysis (Site visit to Bucharest, Romania)
  • ISO50001 Certification Processes
  • Intel 50001 Software Integration & Pilot Testing
  • Intel 50001 Usage Feedbacks, Analysis and Reporting

Expected results:

  • Optimized business and production processes according to resource efficiency principles
  • Up-skilled staff
  • Tools to monitor and sustain resource efficiency
  • ISO50001 certification

GreenSME project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under the Grant Agreement 101058613.